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"Practice Makes Paychecks"

What is Virtual Auction?

It is an auction training software developed to assist auctioneers (new and old) in honing their skills. Our software was designed to allow users to practice their chant using a virtual auction environment.

Auction Scenarios and Practice

Virtual Auction has developed five different auction scenarios to practice in, as well as providing users with number drills. Our scenarios consist of: an auto auction, benefit auction, equipment auction, estate auction, and livestock auction environment. In each environment, the user is able to set the level of difficulty and auction speed in which they want to challenge themselves with. The difficulty can be determined by how frequently the user wants the bids to be placed as well as the subtlety of the bidder’s actions.

Auctioneer exercise mode. This mode will provide users with various scenes in which they can practice their auctioneering skills while interacting with the auction software. In this mode, users will be presented a view of an auction bidding crowd. A random set of bidders will begin bidding at increasing speed until the auction bidding funnels down to a winner.

Number drills.  A simple marquee will scroll from one number to the next, such that the auctioneer can practice their numbers, i.e. 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.




Auctioneer Training

This software is primarily an auctioneering training tool. The training and reward systems will provide an optimal learning structure which players will learn and improve upon their auctioneering skills. Users will be trained on multiple auctioneering techniques within this game: pacing, directing, voice inflection, picking up on visual cues, Picking up on audio cues, and working with ring staff.

Auction Sequence

At the beginning of an auction sequence, the item being auctioned will appear. A few seconds later, bidders will begin bidding.
The number, location and bidding actions of bidders will be randomly set in each auction sequence. In some cases, non-bidding actions will also be included to add difficulty.
The user ends the bidding by pressing a button, i.e. spacebar. The identification number of the winning bidder appears briefly on the screen. Subsequently, the next item appears on the screen. Users will have the option of replaying the same auction once it finishes, or launching the same type of auction with new randomly selected bidders. Help and auction menu buttons will be included on the screen at all times.


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News About Virtual Auction!


Ralph Wade's Talking about Virtual Auction

Ralph Wade Selling on Virtual Auction


Just wanted to drop you a note to say what a great product you have produced.  I purchased your program in November to get ready for a charity auction my wife volunteered me for.  That went fine and after practicing countless hours I stumbled into a local auction house seeing if there was any possibility of getting some mic time.  Much to my surprise, they agreed to put me up on the stand in January.  Since then they have given me the opportunity quite a few times.

I am amazed at how realistic your estate auction program is compared to the real thing.  I would hate to think how that first time would have gone if I had gone in cold turkey.  Great program!!

Todd Mason

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